Patai Gergely

Welcome to my little website. I’m a software developer from Hungary, currently residing in Helsinki. Note that Hungarian names follow Eastern order, so Patai is my family name. If you need something, you can reach me at My current focus is on functional reactive programming, which grew out of my interest in using functional languages on embedded systems with tight resource constraints. I’ve also been interested in game and graphics programming since the beginning. Here you’ll find an archive of the things I created in my free time. Other places to find me:

I started programming at around 1990 after getting a C64, because it was just as much fun as playing games. It was all just mucking around in BASIC though (including Graphics BASIC), and none of it was preserved. After moving on to the PC, I quickly discovered BP7, which was a nice Pascal environment that made it easy to mix assembly in our programs. Also, these were the years of SWAG, PCGPE, and other great resources that made it all fun. In the second half of my high school years I got immersed in TI calculator programming, which also had its own charm, and that was the first time I could produce something notable for a community. Funnily, my quick and dirty Z80 tutorial from those times dominated the Google search term ‘z80 assembly’ for several years. Nowadays it’s mostly about Unity, Haskell, OpenGL, and games.