PindurTI is a native win32 emulator for the 82/83/83+. It is not release-ready, but still quite functional. Unfortunately, my schedule doesn’t allow me to continue this project, and there seems to be little point in it anyway with the emergence of Wabbitemu, which is built on a much more extensible core. Feel free to use the source in any way you want.


There’s no decent UI! Will there be one?

There would have been if I had not stopped development. ;)

Sending archived files results in a transmission error! Will you fix it?

This has been a long lasting sore point in the history of PindurTI. There are certain ROM images floating around whose archive functionality is broken. You can easily test this by loading the ROM, creating a simple variable (e.g. typing 1→A) and trying to archive it. With broken ROMs the TIOS will react with ERR:BAD ADDRESS. The same ROMs produce exactly the same behaviour on TilEm, so it’s not likely to be a bug in PindurTI. On the other hand, it might happen that a previously working ROM image gets corrupted this way by PindurTI (or other programs), so you should definitely keep a backup of your ROM images. If you notice such a corruption, please try to find a series of steps to reproduce the error (starting with a definitely working ROM image) and tell me! The only likely cause in my opinion is loading apps, since they are force loaded instead of sent through the virtual link port (because that takes uncomfortably long time), and I might be overlooking something about this process.

At the same time, it seems to be possible to fix these ROM images using PTI. Simply delete all your apps, which initiates a defragmentation. This should revive the archive functionality.